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2018 Wood Buffalo Alberta Winter Games

The 2018 Wood Buffalo Alberta Winter Games were the largest multi-sport winter event ever hosted in the Wood Buffalo region, with over 6,000 athletes, coaches, officials, parents, spectators and VIPs coming to the region from Feburary 16-19th for the event. The Alberta Winter Games featured 20 different sports being played at 11 venues across the Wood Buffalo region, including Anzac, Fort McKay and Saprae Creek. This 3-day event also featured social & cultural events for athletes and visitors, designed to highlight the unique mix of cultures and influences that make Fort McMurray such a wonderful place to live.  

These Games were fuelled by a massive volunteer base working tirelessly to ensure the athletes enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime sporting experience, and a dedicated Organizing Commitee to put the event together. Wood Buffalo is known for hosting successful multi-sport events, and the Winter Games were another succesful chapter in that hosting history. 

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