RMWB Snow Angel Program

9909 Franklin Avenue, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada T9H 2K4

Phone: (780) 799-8673

Business Description

The Snow Angel Program is a volunteer service where students from the Fort McMurray School systems , adult community members and business to shovel the personal walks and driveways of a senior in need.
The program began as a partnership with the municipality and the Fort McMurray Public School District #2833 in 2009. It was a pilot project in the downtown core originally using students from Dr. K. A. Clark and Fort McMurray Composite High School.

The program has since expanded to include the whole urban service area of Fort McMurray. In order to broaden the scope of the program and its volunteer base, volunteers are now solicited from all school districts. In addition, the general public is also encouraged to participate. This change is in line with the vision to make Snow Angels a truly community-based program meeting the needs of a growing number of seniors participating in the program.

Shovels and ice scrapers are donated by the municipality and are delivered by Parks Department staff. Windrows are also cleared by Parks Department crews from senior driveways that live on bus routes and/or are enrolled in the program.

This volunteer service is available for seniors 65 years and older. The program's goal is to serve all seniors who apply. Priority is given to those seniors with less social support and resources.

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