Egg Island Ecological Reserve

Lake Athabasca

Phone: (780) 743-7437

Business Description

Egg Island is the smallest ecological reserve in Alberta. It is located on Lake Athabasca and was established to protect a major breeding colony of Caspian terns, a "vulnerable species". The terns are believed to have nested on this island since the early 1900's; they usually nest near the middle of the island. With well over 100 nesting pairs of Caspian terns, the Egg Island colony is the largest in the province. Large numbers of California gulls also nest here. The island is nearly devoid of vegetation on the windward side; on the leeward side, raspberry gooseberry and the occasional willow, balsam poplar and aspen are found.

No facilities on site. Overnight camping and open fires are prohibited in ecological reserves. NOTE: access is not permitted within 100 metres of the island during bird breeding season (April 15-August 15).