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  • Events and Festivals in Wood Buffalo
    Summer in Wood Buffalo is a time rich with events and festivals – a time of music, art, and culture that gives Fort McMurray and the Wood Buffalo region a vibrant dimension of identity that’s as distinct as its natural superlatives and economic strengths.
    Consider a summer morning spent at the June Bug Children’s Festival. Your kids sit restlessly, anticipating the mirror’s reflection, where they see themselves transformed by an artist’s face paint. Afterwards, they stand stoically as a balloon artist crown them king and queen for the day. Watch as they laugh and play with other children, bouncing in the belly of an inflatable castle, overjoyed by the spectacle of it all.
    Or visit the InterPLAY visual and performing arts festival that takes hold of downtown Fort McMurray. Your family and 20,000 other people walk the streets with artists, performers, and musicians who turn the town into an urban stage. Hear the sounds of a folk tune plucked on a guitar. Enjoy the searing wit of a comedian inspiring laughter in the crowd. And watch a host of jester-like street performers entertain in the public square.
    Art imitates life in this region, a sentiment you experience when bringing brush to canvas in one of the many community art projects held here or by browsing the artistic wares for sale at the Wood Buffalo Country Fair. You see carvings, paintings, and sculpture that interpret the land and the people around you.
    Summer is a time for music and midways. Coloured lights blur with the whirl of rides they illuminate. Delighted screams rise and fall with the movement. Follow the smell of incredible food and have a meal, as the sounds of the Country Music Jubilee or the Nexen CanadaROCKS music festival ring out in the summer air. Summer here is indeed a time rich with events and festivals, a time for experiencing the cultural richness of Wood Buffalo.


23rd Annual TransAlta interPLAY Festival

 This year’s festival will take place August 2-11th

An incredible lineup of visual and performing arts, music and theatre on multiple stages, Suncor Homegrown Talent Search, Film Festival, Classic Car Show, roving performers, dance, vendors, and many more events and activities booked for this year’s TransAlta interPLAY Festival beginning Friday, August 2 and running until Sunday, August 11.

C’mon down to King Street and the Keyano College grounds for the Street Party on the final weekend of the festival Friday, August 9 to Sunday, August 11.




CanadaROCKS Concerts June 30th & July 1st

Syncrude Fireworks SPECTACULAR!  June 30th

Legacy Dodge Canada Day Parade & Picnic in the Park July 1st

YMM Canada Day Festival takes place June 30th & July 1st, 2013 on Hardin Street at the Clearwater School Soccer field. CanadaROCKS features two nights of stellar local, national and international talent. One evening a paid event, the other evening we open the gates for a free evening of music and entertainment as we celebrate Canada’s Birthday.

Legacy Dodge is supporting a full day of community activities on July 1st, starting with the Canada Day Parade at 11 AM.  Running a course along Franklin Avenue in the downtown core, it leads directly into a fun-filled Picnic throughout the afternoon, featuring roving performers. track and field-style games, stage performances and Fort McMurray’s first ever Teddy Bear’s Picnic!

During the festival, we light up the sky over the Snye with a Fireworks SPECTACULAR show, choreographed to music!

On Canada Day, let’s celebrate!

Big Spirit Festival

This year's Big Spirit Festival will take place Friday August 31 - Monday September 3.
Keep an eye out for more information in coming weeks and months!

Alberta Culture Days


This event will take place from September 27 – 30, 2012

Art and culture focused activities, music, live theatre, and dance performances at venues throughout Fort McMurray.  Keep an eye out for more information in coming weeks and months!

Food for the Soul: Arts and Culture in Wood Buffalo

It’s easy to see why Wood Buffalo draws some of the most talented and creative people in the world. The towering trees and vast, breathtaking landscapes of the boreal forest, the dancing panoply of the northern lights, the power of the rushing rivers – in Wood Buffalo, inspiration awaits around every corner.

Capturing the Big Spirit Through the Arts Wood Buffalo is home to a thriving community of artisans and craftspeople, from the traditional beadwork and crafts of the First Nations people who have called Wood Buffalo home for millennia to the latest in avante-garde contemporary art.

Fort McMurray’s newest art gallery, The Post at Keyano College’s Theatre and Arts Centre, features the work of contemporary exhibitions from Alberta’s hottest artists. Enjoy a guided tour of the current exhibition on display or sip a cocktail at one of the gallery’s late-night events as you chat with resident artists and appreciate the unique culture of the Wood Buffalo arts scene.

Get inspired at the Community Art Gallery at MacDonald Island Park, where you can drink in the works of local artists on display, and then explore your own creativity as you take up brush and palette yourself. The art gallery features lessons for children, adults and seniors and hosts community art projects throughout the summer months.

There’s no better way to capture the ‘big spirit’ of Wood Buffalo for yourself than to take home a piece of artwork, whether it’s a graceful soapstone carving or an arresting canvas or sketch. Visit the Wood Buffalo Country Fair in mid-August to meet some of the region’s most talented craftspeople and artisans face-to-face and pick out your own piece of Wood Buffalo’s big spirit.

The Play’s the Thing!

The biggest performing arts event of the year in Wood Buffalo happens in August at InterPLAY the region’s premier visual and performing arts festival. More than 20,000 visitors flock to Wood Buffalo’s downtown core to see Franklin Avenue come alive with roving street performers, plays and concerts, stand-up comedians, improv actors and visual artists of all stripes. Performers come from all over Canada and beyond to be a part of InterPLAY, and every year features a brand-new mix of the country’s best. Be part of the magic at InterPLAY!

Theatre is alive and well in Wood Buffalo year-round.

Keyano College’s Theatre and Arts Centre

has long been a cultural mainstay in Fort McMurray, featuring a variety of theatrical performances from the Syncrude Arts Alive play

For information on upcoming tradeshows visit http://www.fortmcmurraytradeshows.com

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