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Zero Waste Initiative

Zero Waste Initiative - image copyrighted & courtesy of Chris Salvo

A bold innovation such as the Zero Waste initiative will establish Wood Buffalo/Fort McMurray as a leader in sustainable waste diversion in North America. The region’s Zero Waste Initiative creates unique environmental, social and economic opportunities to utilize waste, currently landfilled, as energy and zero waste products; an act that is destined to become a model for communities around the world. The Zero Waste Initiative is centered on key concepts: collaboration, reduction of waste, the efficient use of resources, sustainability, and the diversification of industry.





The process of melting snow and treating the melt water within a waste water treatment plant will be an effective measure that will minimize our impact to the environment through the recovery of sands and by offsetting the use of river water for non-potable applications.


Our Solid Waste Alternative Process, converting typical household waste into energy and recyclables.

Sustainable agriculture

The energy from the SWAP process will be used to heat greenhouses year round. These sustainable greenhouses create a balanced ecosystem where fish and vegetables grow and support each other using fish waste to replace fertilizer that is harmful to watersheds, and plants to clean the water.

Sustainable eco-park

A sustainable eco-park located on land previously planned for use as landfill cells will be developed and used to house new businesses with sustainable business models. Fort McMurray will be able to supply previously exported resources such as recyclable paper, metal, and plastic to industries such as paper manufacturers, smelters, and plastic extruders to create new local products.

Reduced carbon footprint

The Zero Waste Initiative integrates regional waste management from all sectors, municipal, industrial and institutional, into a single collaborative effort to sustainably manage associated regional issues such as climate change, optimal land use and traffic reduction.

Source: Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Economic Development Branch, Economic Profile

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