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Northern Alberta is a snowmobiler’s paradise with hundreds of kilometers of trails, cut lines and navigable waterways to explore. Enjoy the groomed and signed trail systems in place courtesy of the McMurray Sno Drifters club, a group of local enthusiasts who have successfully partnered with the Municipality, Sustainable Resources and industry to designate, develop and maintain snowmobile trails throughout the region. Staging areas are available in Waterways, Abasand Heights and north of Fort McMurray to allow users to park their vehicles and off load their units. Be sure to purchase a trail pass from any member of the local club and be aware of the bylaws and rules governing snowmobiling use within the region.


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Winter in Fort McMurray has so many incredible opportunities for your winter adventure.

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Animal Tracks - Image copyrighted by & courtesy of Chris Salvo

We stand at the forest’s edge, listening to our guide speak of trapping history and its integral role in the cultural heritage of the Métis people.

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From the plane window, you look out over on the forest – an incomprehensible vastness, which stretches in every direction, to each horizon.

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Winter community

There’s an affirming sense of community here. You see it in the families who are ice skating on a community rink and on the faces of people snowmobiling across the frozen belly of the Snye River, towards the remote trails on its opposite shore. 

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An ice fog lingers as the sun rises slowly behind the trees surrounding the Birchwood Trails.

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Did You Know

What is the average summer temperature in Fort McMurray?

The average temperature from May - September is +20 degrees Celsius.

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