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Experience The Energy Oil Sands Tours

Oil Sands Discovery Centre

Only charter tours are available for the Experience the Energy Tours in 2017.  No step on public tours. 

The Oil Sands Discovery Centre in Fort McMurray is located in the heart of the world's biggest single oil deposit - the Athabasca Oil Sands. The Centre is an educational facility committed to increasing public awareness and knowledge about the oil sands. Come to the Oil Sands Discovery Centre and experience the history, science, and technology of the oil sands. It’s the closest you can get without boots and a hard hat! 

About the Oil Sands

The Alberta oil sands cover 142,000 square kilometers, 4,800 km2 of which are mineable. The deposit contains an estimated 174 trillion barrels of bitumen. More than 300 billion barrels are potentially recoverable based on today’s technology. 

For more information on Alberta's Oil Sands Development.

Fort McMurray Tourism's "Experience the Energy" Oil Sands Tours

Visit Suncor Energy, the world’s first commercially successful oil sands operation. Learn about the advanced technology and massive equipment that is used to produce the incredible resource. Tour guides will explain the oil sands process - from the point where the oil sand is mined from the ground to the final product that travels down the pipeline.

Suncor works hard to reduce the impact of their activities on the ecosystems of the boreal forest. In fact, it is the first oil sands company in the world to successfully reclaim a tailings pond (Wapisiw Lookout).

Learn about Suncor’s reclamation efforts and see how native plants and animals are thriving on the reclaimed land.

Want to learn more about the Athabasca Oil Sands? Take a guided tour of Suncor Energy, visit the Oil Sands Discovery Centre for an interactive look into the Athabasca Oil Sands to experience Fort McMurray’s unique and vibrant past.

Charter Bus Tours

Join a guided bus tour of Suncor Energy and follow the process from mining to pipeline. The Suncor site tour includes a tour around Wapisiw Lookout, the first reclaimed tailings pond. Be sure to bring your camera as you simply won't believe your eyes!

Online booking requires complete name, date of birth and phone number at time of booking. Minimum age for tour participants is 12 years old. Government issued photo ID is mandatory. All tours must be booked a minimum of 72 hours in advance..

Group and Charter tours are available email: [email protected]

Charter Tours Available ONLY

Contact [email protected]

Add-ons for Charter Tours only

  • MacDonald Island Park Day Pass 
  • Vista Ridge All Seasons Park 
  • McMurray Experience
  • Boomtown Casino
  • Peter Pond Mall Shopping Centre 
  • Lunch Order

2016 Experience the Energy Brochure


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Did You Know

The Casman Center is home to the Oil Barons

The Casman Center is home to the Oil Barons (AJHL). Fort McMurray loves a good hockey game, come out for a fun evening and cheer the team on!


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