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Canoe & Kayak

Canoe & Kayak

Fort McMurray today is the booming oil sands capital of Alberta, but in its infancy, the fledgling community marked the place where four rivers meet. The cold, clear waters of the Athabasca, the Clearwater, the Christina and the Horse rivers come together in Wood Buffalo to create unparalleled opportunities for adventure.

Whether you’re a novice in a canoe or an experienced whitewater paddler, the rivers of Fort McMurray are a great place to spend a warm summer day. As they wind through the towering trees of the boreal forest, these sparkling waterways offer a variety of experiences for the intrepid canoer or kayaker, from placid waters perfect for the novice to whitewater rapids to challenge more experienced paddlers.


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The Athabasca Oil Sands are named after the Athabasca River

The Athabasca Oil Sands are named after the Athabasca River, which cuts through the heart of the deposit. Oil sand deposits are readily observed on the river banks and hydrocarbon flows naturally into the river itself. Historically, aboriginal peoples used bitumen to waterproof canoes.